Wednesday, March 21, 2012

It's Nick Saban's world, and we only live in it.

The Tennessean's David Climer recently wrote an article titled "When Nick Saban runs college football ... wait, he does." His arguement is that the Alabama head football coach "is the undisputed most powerful force in college athletics.Climer's reasoning behind this bold statement?

"He is far and away the best at his chosen profession. Why? For one thing, he’s the best recruiter in college football. For another, he’s the best strategist in college football. And it doesn’t hurt that he employs the best staff in college football.

Other than that, search me."

Uh, pretty good argument there, Dave. I'm sure BCS executive director Bill Hancock, SEC commissioner Mike Slive, Big Ten commish Jim Delaney, a half-dozen executives at ESPN, and several other people with real or imagined power in college football would probably disagree with him.

The more provocative comments in the article come from Saban himself, who makes some seriously big claims when it comes the idea that only conference champions should be eligible for any future playoff system in college football.

“There are conferences that are in the BCS that if they played in the SEC, their champion may be in fourth or fifth place,” he said. “… If you’re one of the best two teams, you should be able to play in the game."

Alabama, of course, won the 2011 BCS title without having won the SEC title, which went to fellow SEC school and BCS title game  participant LSU. Granted, Saban has a point. It's just more intriguing to wonder exactly which BCS conference champions he was talking about. (What are you looking at, ACC and Big East?)

(via The Tennessean)

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