Monday, March 5, 2012

Crossing the Atlantic: Jimbo Fisher, Randy Edsall, Paul Johnson, and more.

(Crossing the Atlantic is a look at the ACC, Big East and other schools on the East Coast.) 
Florida State can compete against the SEC.
Because FSU head football coach Jimbo Fisher said so. (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Maryland HC Randy Edsall on the Hot Seat?
Maryland HC Randy Edsall on the Hot seat. (USA Today)

Was the Big East doomed from the start? 
William C. Rhoden blames the current chaotic state of the Big East on the conference's failure to factor in college football at its formation in 1979, and the 1989 decision not to invite Penn State into the fold . (The New York Times)

The Downward Spiral. 
Matt Burke looks at the five-year decline of the Boston College athletic program in both football and men's basketball. (Boston Metro)

The ACC will not lose to any FCS schools in the 2012 season.
Because Heather Dinich said so. (ESPN)

The Blame Game.
BC Interruption lays the responsibility of Boston College's decline on athletic director Gene DeFilippo. (BC Interruption)

See You in September.
Georgia Tech head football coach Paul Johnson talks about facing Virginia Tech in the first game of the 2012 season. (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Sales suspension lifted. 
Syracuse reinstates receiver Marcus Sales after a one-year drug related suspension. (ESPN)

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