Monday, February 27, 2012

Nick Saban learns you can't always get what you want after failing to flip player committed to UGA.

Alabama head football coach Nick Saban is pretty close to the man who has everything. Three BCS titles at two different schools, a statue erected in his honor, and the satisfaction of being unarguably being the best coach in the SEC (if not all of all college football). What he doesn't have, apparently, is the ability to charm any recruit he wants into committing to the Crimson Tide. The evidence in this is one Shaq Wiggins, an Atlanta-area high school junior defensive back who had already committed to Georgia in 2013. That didn't stop Saban from trying to go after him, though.

“Coach Saban was describing my highlight film and talking about he hadn’t seen a cornerback with cover skills like mine in a long time,” Wiggins told the AJC on Sunday night.

“It was a great conversation, and right at the end he said ‘I’ll offer you a scholarship to Alabama if you commit … today.’ Then he paused, waiting for a response. He took me by surprise by saying all of that.”

“Then we started talking again, and I just kind of told him that I was honored but I’m staying with Georgia. And it was an honor. That was Nick Saban, and that will probably be a conversation that I will never forget.”

Saban hasn't quite gotten the superhuman ability to flip a recruit's commitment down to Urban Meyer standards yet, but nobody's perfect. And with National Signing Day 2013 is still around twelve months away, there's still enough time for Saban to woo young Wiggins to the Crimson Side of the Force.

(via The Atlanta-Journal Constitution)

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