Thursday, February 2, 2012

Jim Tressel finds non-coaching job at Akron.

Disgraced former Ohio State head football coach Jim Tressel has finally landed on his feet and has found a new job. He's going to be the new vice president for strategic engagement at The University of Akron, the school where he began his career in coaching.

 “It’s truly an honor to be here,” Tressel said. “I look forward to doing whatever I’m asked to do. I’m excited about being a Zip. ... I’m going to learn all I possibly can (about the university) in the next short while and see where I can help best.”

Tressel will not have anything to do with the Akron Zips athletic department, due to his being hit with a five-year "show cause" penalty for his handling of the scandals at Ohio State that cost him his job. Which should disappoint used car salesmen and tattoo artists throughout the Akron area.

(via The Columbus Dispatch)

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