Thursday, February 16, 2012

Florida tight end involved with domestic battery incident.

A.C. Leonard appearing in court.
Florida tight end A.C. Leonard has been arrested on a charge of domestic battery involving a woman he had been living with recently.

"According to the report, the couple had been arguing around 7:20 p.m. Wednesday at the Polos Apartments when Leonard, “shoved her forcibly with both hands in her chest/neck area. The force of the shove knocked her down to the ground, causing her head to strike a dog cage that was behind her.”

The woman told Prince that Leonard told her to get her belongings and leave, then followed her into the bedroom where he grabbed her by her hair and tried to drag her out of the apartment. According to the arrest report, when the woman resisted, Leonard, “Grabbed her by both feet and pulled her out of the apartment,” then locked her out of the apartment."

Will Muschamp probably isn't happy about this one. It goes way past the Chris Rainey "Time to die" text message the predecessor Urban Meyer has to deal with. The Florida head football coach is reportedly doing to be responding to the story later on Thursday. 

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