Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Derek Dooley installs MMA cage in Tennessee's new weight room.

Derek Dooley's latest fashion statement - the hard hat look.
To say that Tennessee is trying to keep up with the rest of the SEC, and college football world in general with it's soon-to-be-completed new practice facility is an understatement. Volunteers head football coach Derek Dooley recently took the Knoxville News Sentinel on a guided tour  of the facility, and it's "thunderdome of power" weight room. It includes all the amenities any college football football program needs, and then some. Like it's own MMA cage.

Yes, you heard that correctly. An MMA cage.

"Players will be able to walk straight from the 120-yard practice field into the new weight room — a 22,000 square foot "multilevel thunderdome of power," as it's called in UT's promotional video for the facility. Along with the standard free weights, machines, cardiovascular training equipment — which will be situated on a deck that overlooks the weight room — and a nutrition bar, it will feature a mixed martial arts cage "so we can go in and fight and all that stuff," Dooley said."

It's hard to tell how serious Dooley is when he uses the words "we" when it comes to getting in the cage for a few rounds. The thought of  His Hairness getting in the cage wearing a pair of Tennessee orange MMA trunks is disturbing. It's twice as disturbing if you can picture him in the more "Speedo" style MMA trunks. Now threre's an image for your Freudian nightmares.

(via The Knoxville News Sentinel. HT: Dr. Saturday.)

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Bigdog4au said...

I like the Dooleys but Tennesse has lost its swagger. The last two coaches have been jokes. Bring Fulmer back.