Thursday, January 19, 2012

A warning to the Krystal Teabagger ...They're looking for you.

The New Orleans Police Department is looking for a "person of interest" in the alleged teabagging of an unconscious (and presumably wasted) male LSU fan.  And NOLA's finest aren't taking this as a harmless prank. It's being referred to as "sexual battery." So if you have any info regarding the case, please contact the NOPD at 1-877-903-7867.

And with the seriousness out of the way, its time to let the alleged Krystal Teabagger know that he screwed up letting that video of his nefarious deed go viral. There's no escaping the Long Arm of the Law, son. You're going down.*

He's climbin in your Krystals 

He's snatchin your LSU fans up  
Tryna teabag em so y'all need to
Hide your Tigers, Hide your coeds 

Hide your Tigers, Hide your coeds
Hide your Tigers, Hide your coeds
And hide Les Miles
Cause they're teabagging everybody out here

You don't have to come and confess  

NOLA's finest lookin for you  
NOLA's finest gonna find you, NOLA's finest gonna find you
So you can run and tell that,  

Run and tell that Run and tell that, 
Bama Boy, Bama, Bama, Bama Boy

We got you on YouTube

You done left video and all  
You are so dumb You are really dumb--for real.
(Apologies to Antoine Dodson)

As for what should happen to the alleged Bama Teabagger, this picture should sum up what kind of punishment he should get:

If you saw The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, you know what I'm talking about.

(*In the legal sense, since "going down" what obviously got this goober in trouble in the first place.")

(via Deadspin)

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