Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Urban Meyer reportedly bans Ohio State football players from using Twitter.

Ohio State football players are getting their first idea of what their lives will be like under the direction of new head football coach Urban Meyer. For one thing, they'll be spending a lot less time using social media, as His Urbaness has apparently banned players from using Twitter.

Meyer obviously wants to stop  those pesky "distractions" that hinder the proper function of a college football team and/or give football coaches headaches when things get out of hand. And as his new position comes out of situations getting out of hand at Ohio State (i.e. Tresselgate), you can imagine Meyer wants to do everything to rectify that situation before the Buckeyes get off their one-year "vacation" from bowl eligibility.

Mind you, there are a lot bigger problems at Ohio State right now than Twitter But since player shenanigans were partially what got Ohio State in the mess it's in, you can see how taking away privileges like Twitter use might be seen as notice they need to clean up their act.


Anonymous said...

just win baby,honorably,i might add

Anonymous said...

I believe if they could have just corraled Pryor this could have all been avoided. I liked Pryor the player didn't know him as a person. It appears that He was put on a pedistal before ever reaching college, and when your head is that big that young you tend see what you can get away with and who else will follow you. After all the quarterback is the leader of the team.