Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ohio State President E. Gordon Gee insults the Polish army.

E. Gordon Gee with the last group of people he insulted.

Ohio State University President E. Gordon Gee has once again has a cringe-worthy moment involving something he said. Gee became notorious for comparing TCU to The Little Sisters of the Poor a couple of years ago. He's now compared the job running Ohio State to directing the Polish army while speaking to an athletic club meeting in Columbus.

“When we had these 18 colleges all kind of floating around, they were kind of like PT Boats, they were shooting each other,” Gee said. “It was kind of like the Polish army or something. I have no idea what it was.”
When that brought nervous laughter, Gee said, “Oh, never mind, who did I embarrass now? … I’ll have to raise money for Poland now.”

Worse, he's not taking it back.

“Now if you’re going to say I was saying something bad about Poland, I’m not,” said Gee, 67. “I could have used some other term, I guess, then.”

Yes, Gordon, you probably said something insulting to Poland. Considering the fact that 23 Polish servicemen died as part of the coalition aiding the United States in Operation Iraqi Freedom, a apology from you might be in order. You're still in hot water over Tresselgate and Ohio St. being banned from postseason play in 2012, so you're only hurting yourself with these off-the-cuff remarks.

(via The Detroit Free Press)

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Anonymous said...

He not only insults the Polish people, he insults American WW2 veterans that manned PT boats. Having a historical interest in them, I'm amazed at his ignorance. How is it that he's the president of a college? Bah...