Thursday, January 26, 2012

Mark Richt's recruiting trip lands him in jail.

How far would Georgia head football coach Mark Richt go to land a blue-chip prospect? To jail, apparently. 

Richt was in Valdosta, GA for  the obligatory in-home visit with Josh-Harvey Clemons, an outside linebacker declared by ESPN to be the number one high school football prospect in the state of Georgia. Clemons grandfather and legal guardian, Woodrow Clemons, owns a bail bondsman service, which Josh works as a bail bonds agent. Richt, along with offensive coordinator Mike Bobo in tow, went to a Wednesday night Church service with Clemons' family and friends.

"In the middle of the church service, Clemons got a business call. He’s the co-owner of a Bail Bondsman’s service in Valdosta, and three people needed a get-of-out-jail card immediately. Clemons quietly got Josh’s attention and explained the situation, eventually dispatching his grandson and daughter – who are both bail bond agents – to do the prison job.

“I told Coach Richt ‘Josh has to go to jail and get somebody out. You can go with him or stay here until he gets back,” said Clemons, who added that Richt initially decided to stay."

Just like any respectful Hollywood movie set in the Deep South, things got a little complicated from there.

"This is where it gets more interesting: “My daughter called because she happened to leave her ID in the van at church,” said Clemons. The ID was needed to post bond for the clients. “Coach Richt and Coach Bobo went to jail with my wife to take the ID to them. Coach Richt wanted one more time to talk with Josh before they hit the road. They talked at jail for about 20 or 30 minutes I guess.”

There's no word if this was Richt's first visit to jail. Though with the record of Georgia players winding up in trouble with the law for one reason or another, there's at least an outside chance that it wasn't.  At least this was a situation where the player he was going to see wasn't the one behind bars.

(via the Atlanta-Journal Constitution)


Anonymous said...

Well, half his team always ends up there so now at least he's familiar with their surroundings.

Unknown said...

Hey yo! Anonymous got jokes.

Anonymous said...

What a great recruiting tool. It is a win win for UGA and the Clemons' family. UGA gets another potential great player and the family gets to double their Bail Bonds business. It would be a way to legally get paid to play. UGA bails them out, and the Clemons get paid....

Anonymous said...

a decieving article . dumb dumb dumb

Anonymous said...

anyone notice that Richt is out there with less than 2 years of his contract remaining? how does these recruits feel about that? AD said back in early dec that he would not let richt out there recruiting with only 2 years left. richt is out there right now without an extension. Richt must be getting fired.

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