Thursday, January 5, 2012

Crossing the Atlantic: Orange Bowl, Greg Schiano, and Boston College.

Eight-ball's still in shock over Orange Bowl pulping.
(Crossing the Atlantic is a look at the ACC, Big East and other schools on the East Coast.) 

Orange Crush.
West Virginia beats Clemson to a pulp in the Orange Bowl. (

How you gonna keep them down on the farm after they've seen Miami?
West Virginia players were in awe of  The Fontainebleau Resort in Miami, where the team stayed while in town for Orange Bowl. The resort was the one featured at the start of the James Bond film Goldfinger. (The Charleston Daily Mail)

Someday, we'll look back at all this and laugh.
Gene Sapakoff says the pain of Clemson's loss will fade soon enough. Like maybe in fifteen years a couple of months or so. (The Post and Courier)

Thanks, but no thanks.
Rutgers head football coach Greg Schiano says he's not interested in the vacant head football coaching job at Penn State. (CBS Sports)

Putting the pieces toogether.
BC Interruption tries to figure out the schedule for Boston College's 2012 season based on limited knowledge. (BC Interruption)

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