Thursday, January 12, 2012

Big Tentacles: Kevin Wilson, Brian Kelly, Kyle Prater, and more.

Gonzales to Illinois. 
Illinois is reported to have hired LSU wide receivers coach Billy Gonzales as its new offensive coordinator. Apparently everyone at Illinois was watching The Bachelor on Monday night instead of the BCS title game. (

Money for Nothing.
Indiana head football Kevin Wilson coach finds himself on Forbes' list of "College Football's Greediest Coaches In 2011." "Greedy" here being defined as being overpaid and underperforming at the same time. (Forbes)

Prater to the Big Ten?
Former USC wide reciever Kyle Prater has Northwestern, Illinois or Wisconsin in the mix as the schools he is deciding among to transfer to. (The Chicago Tribune)

Oh, won't you stay just a little bit longer?
Notre Dame extends head football coach Brian Kelly's contract to 2016. (The Chicago Tribune)

No more running backs?
Iowa eliminates the running back position from the Hawkeye football team. Yes, this is a piece of Black Heart Gold Pants satire. (Black Heart Gold Pants)

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