Friday, January 20, 2012

Alleged "Alabama Teabagger" arrested, charged with sexual battery..

Alleged teabagger Brain Downing.
LSU fans can rest a little easier now. The "Alabama Teabagger," now identified as Brian Downing*, a native of Smith's Station, AL.,  has been arrested by the New Orleans Police Department on charges of sexual battery and obscenity involving the now infamous incident involving the alleged sodomizing of an unconscious LSU fan in a  Krystal restaurant in New Orleans. Downing has earlier been identified by Deadspin as being the alleged perpetrator . 

Ironically, Downing's cousin, a Russell County, AL sheriff, helped the NOPD in bringing him in.

"Earlier in the day, Russell County Sheriff Heath Taylor, who said he is a second cousin to Downing, said he personally spoke with the NOPD sex crimes detective handling the case about whether to arrest the man or send him to New Orleans for questioning.

Although he'd heard about the video -- which has created a firestorm on the Internet -- for a couple days, Taylor said he watched it Thursday morning at the prompting of other people who suggested the University of Alabama fan was his relative. The man in the video indeed appeared to be Downing, he said.

"So then I went out there and looked at it and was, like, you have to be kidding me," Taylor said. At that point, he called Downing's father and told him to bring his son to the sheriff's office."  

 Downing and a lawyer came in, but left after the NOPD detective instructed Taylor that his cousin should come to New Orleans. Taylor said he did not question Downing, nor did any of his deputies."

Sheriff Taylor** probably  wasn't too pleased with being related to Downing in this case. Neither was his employer, a Columbus, GA Hibbett Sports store, who promptly fired him after being informed of the incident. 

(via The Times-PicayuneDeadspin)

*I know what you're thinking. Stop snickering.

**I said stop snickering, dangit! 


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