Monday, January 9, 2012

Accused Toomer's Corner tree-posioner Harvey Updyke spotted in New Orleans.

Hide you kids, hide your wives, and hide your trees, LSU fans. According to internet sports gadfly Clay Travis, accused Toomer's Corner tree poisoner and Alabama uber-fan Harvey Updyke has been spotted in New Orleans, where Alabama and LSU will be facing off in the BCS title game on Monday night. No word on if he's actually got tickets to the game or not if he's just there for the party.  The big question is whether or not in the legal systems of Alabama and Louisiana know he's in the Bayou State.

No word on who the lady holding Updyke's hand is. My guess is that it's his daughter, Crimson, but don't hold me to that. Let's hope that the drink she's slurping on is a Mountain Dew or some other non-alcoholic beverage, for both Updyke's sake,  that of the foliage of New Orleans as well.

(via Outkick the Coverage)

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