Sunday, January 1, 2012

Aaron Murray touches himself while wearing a state trooper hat.

Oh, Aaron Murray, you are like a fountain of never-ending material. These pictures of you that keep showing up on Twitter these past few weeks have brought the world so much joy. And this one of you wearing a state trooper Smokey Bear hat is both charming, yet curiously disturbing at the same time. Perhaps it's because of the peculiar place you've decided to place your hands. Uh, Aaron, your hands are supposed to be behind your back in the parade rest posistion. Trust me on this. Or is that a soccer penalty kick pose you're modeling to the camera? Either way, Mark Richt's probably not going to like this pic any more than the others your teammates keep taking of you.

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Anonymous said...

You go Aaron! Beat Sparty! (and my Michigan Cuzzins!)