Thursday, November 3, 2011

The New York Times uses LSU-Alabama to bash college football, sports in general.

Leave it to The New York Times, the nation's newspaper of record, to turn a simple little football game into a hatchet job on the state of sports in America. Times staff writer Lynn Zinser allegedly writes a piece on Saturday's confrontation between LSU and Alabama, but quickly turns her eyes to bashing sports left and right with little zingers like. "There is no need to root against one team because the quarterback’s father tried to auction him off like a painting to the highest bidder and the origins of no one’s tattoos has been called into question."

You can tell already that liberal media bias is going to try drown this story in a Mr. Turtle kiddie pool. And it goes on to attempt to do so.

"But the backdrop of this year’s big game is undeniably gloomy, with the N.C.A.A. scrambling to keep the whole assailed-from-all-sides system from imploding in a fireball of hypocrisy. So, a congressional hearing Wednesday made for a nice warm-up, with Rep. Bobby Rush of Illinois drawing parallels between the N.C.A.A. and the mafia and Charles P. Pierce writing on how the whole enterprise is teetering on the bring of collapse. 

So, how ‘bout them Tigers? Roll Tide, anyone?"

Between facts about the game  added sparingly to camouflage the true motives of this piece , Ms. Zinser goes on to take shots at the NBA lockout, baseball free agency, the sale of the Los Angeles Dodgers, and the NFL's police on concussions. All of which have zero to do with the game on Saturday night between the top two college football teams in the nation.

With a headline like "L.S.U.-Alabama Will Turn Up the Volume," you expect to read a story on the either a)The Tigers-Crimson Tide showdown, or b)The hype surrounding it. Instead, you get a opinion piece doing a terrible job of hiding the writer's seeming hate of sports. It would seem that secretly, Lynn Zinser is campaigning to take Phil Mushnick at The New York Post. Or Colin Cowherd's show on ESPN Radio.

(via The New York Times)

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