Thursday, November 24, 2011

Is Urban Meyer becoming Schrodinger's Kitten?

Last January, as it seemed that former Michigan head football coach Rich Rodriguez was not long for Ann Arbor, I described him as being like Schrodinger's Kitten. The kitten, if you don't know the story, is a modern mythological creature in a thought experiment that goes a little something like this:

A kitten (or cat) is locked  is locked in a box built to detect the decaying of an atom of radioactive material. If the atom decays, a vial of poison is released and the kitten dies. If it doesn't the kitten lives. However the observer of the experiment doesn't know if the experiment has been proven or not. So it can be said that the kitten is both alive and dead while the box is unopened.

What's that have to do with college football? Well in some cases the rumors surrounding coaches or possible coaches jobs can cause bizarre paradoxes to occur, in which a person both is and isn't a head football coach at any given moment.

This is the situation surrounding Former Florida head football coach/current ESPN analyst Urban Meyer, and his possible taking the head coaching job of the embattled Ohio State football program. Rumors are circulating that Meyer has accepted an offer from the school, which Meyer has denied is happening.

Reports have claimed  that Meyer is waiting for Ohio State's rivalry game against Michigan to make it official. Meyer, it seems, reportedly doesn't want to step on current head football coach Luke Fickell's fingers quite yet. Meanwhile Meyer continues to deny the story is happening.

So what we have here is a classic Schrodinger's kitten moment where Urban Meyer may or may not be the next Ohio State head football coach. It's a paradox which will eventually be solved, but as for now, Ohio State head football coach Urban Meyer is neither alive nor non-existent.

(via WKMG, ESPN)

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