Monday, November 28, 2011

Dan Mullen a candidate to replace Joe Paterno at Penn State?

Don't look now, Mississippi State, but another school may be eying Dan Mullen. Black Shoe Diaries, a Penn State-centric blog,  picked the Mississippi St. head football coach to start off its profiles of possible candidates to replace Joe Paterno. And talk on Twitter is that Mullen might be in serious contention for the job.

Here's some of what Black Shoe Diaries said about Mullen.

"Dan Mullen was born in Philadelphia, raised in the northeast, and went to college at Ursinus. Besides either A) Having direct Penn State ties, or B) Direct ties to other major programs in Pennsylvania, that's about as good a personal/cultural fit as we'll find. Mullen hasn't been connected to any major NCAA violations, and the only blemishes on his record as a head coach are in the form of a few secondary violations that seem more like administrative missteps and miscommunications than anything nefarious. Another point to be considered: Mullen is a longtime friend of Urban Meyer. He may relish the opportunity to compete head to head with his mentor every year.

The question is whether he'd leave the SEC to come up north. I think he would. Penn State is a step up from Mississippi State in terms of resources, facilities and support - even in spite of recent events. I think at this point, Mullen has to look at the teams he's competing against in the SEC West in Alabama, LSU, Arkansas and Auburn, and think that he'll never have the same amount of ammunition as them. The ceiling in Starkville is low, and at some point soon he's going to try to move up the ladder. Penn State may very well be that move."

There may be more to the Mullen to Penn St. meme than just the Christmas List from a blog. Fooball Rumor Mill tweeted that Mullen is being looked as "a legit candidate at Penn State."

Whether that's true or not, Mullen is and will continue to be a popular name on the wish list of any school looking for a new head football coach. And Mississippi State might not be able to keep him in Starkville if the right school comes calling.

(via Black Shoe Diaries)

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