Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Ultimate Warrior is Oklahoma linebacker Tom Wort's mentor.

People look to various places for inspiration. For Oklahoma linebacker Tom Wort, it's The Ultimate Warrior.  Wort has been getting wisdom from the former WWF (now WWE) Heavyweight Champion (and general nutcase) through the magic of YouTube.

"The man advising Wort via YouTube was retired pro wrestler Ultimate Warrior. The wrestler, who had his name legally changed to Warrior in 1993 (seriously!), closed his two-minute video with the following reminder: "The classical philosophers of old said this about the battlefields. They said out of every 100 men, 10 of them should not even be there, 80 of them are just targets and nine of them are the real fighters. That makes for 99, but the one - they said of the one, 'Ahhhh, he is a warrior.' Go out there tonight and be the ... ultimate warrior. Show that intensity that makes you different from everybody else, and neither be embarrassed or ashamed about it. Be proud."
Wort has taken the pep talk to heart.
He heads into this week's Red River Rivalry showdown with Texas ranked second on his team with 25 tackles, and his energy and emotion have helped him emerge as one of the biggest playmakers for the top-ranked team in the coaches' poll."

This relationship began after Oklahoma coaches showed the team some of the Warrior's most insane acts of incoherence  greatest performances during two-a-day practices. Apparently Wort took things way too seriously and contacted the retired wrestler via Twitter.

And what has the retired wrestler told his young apprentice?

"What I do is I try to make him understand he can look at these games as just games," Warrior says, "or he can look at them as gateways to greatness. ... I inspire him to think that every single second on that field is an opportunity to impress somebody about what he's capable of. Never go into a game thinking it's just another game." 

Maybe The Ultimate Warrior isn't the greatest place to seek wisdom and understanding. But considering how Ric Flair has pretty much gone down the downward spiral lately, Wort could do worse.


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