Thursday, October 27, 2011

T. Boone Pickens and Barry Switzer are Mack Brown's biggest fans.

Texas head football coach Mack Brown might be feeling a little unloved around the Lone Star these days. The Longhorns have struggled on the field for the past couple of seasons, culminating in back-to-back losses to Oklahoma and Oklahoma State. Despite the obligatory calls from disgruntled voices in the Longhorn nation that Brown be replaced, he can rest easily knowing at least two people out there have his back. The bad news is that those two people happen to be Oklahoma coaching legend Barry Switzer and  billionaire oilman and  Oklahoma State sugar daddy T. Boone Pickens.

Pickens expressed support for Brown at Wendsday's Jim Thorpe Association’s Leadership Luncheon held in Oklahoma City.

"Pickens said Swtizer sent him an email after OU ran over Texas 55-17. Pickens says Switzer suggested that Oklahoma State shouldn’t “beat them as bad as the Sooners did because we want to keep Mack Brown as coach — we want somebody that both of us can beat.”

Switzer was sitting in the audience and laughed along with Pickens"

With friends like Pickens and Switzer, Mack Brown doesn't need many enemies. If Texas' struggles in the Big 12 continue, he might need all the "friends" he can get.

(via Barking Carnival)

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