Friday, October 7, 2011

Nick Saban's epic response to a 'Bama fan's stupid question.

Alabama fans beware. You should never, ever, EVER, ask Nick Saban why he doesn't do things like The Bear used to do them. That's because your ear might fall off listening to his lengthy response. Sadly, a 'Bama fan named Jason (from Prattville, appropriately enough) did this, asking why Saban never ran the wishbone. Saban's response was both lengthy and legendary.

"First of all, I don't know how to coach it," Saban began.

"Secondly, I don't think in this day and age, the way football has developed to a much more wide-open game. ... It's amazing to me when you look in the newspaper and you look at the NFL stats of the best offenses and the best defenses, just maybe 20 years ago the team that could run the ball the best was usually the team that had the best chance of winning, and now you see the No. 1 offense and they have 3,000 yards passing and 300 rushing."

Next question? No. Saban was just getting warmed up.

"I mean, the game has just changed so dramatically in terms of how wide open it is and how sophisticated the passing game is and how you spread people out on the field and utilize skill players," he said.

"I think the wishbone is a very, very difficult offense to defend, and having defended it and played against it. ..."

Saban then began talking about how, back in the day when he was but a lowly West Virginia assistant coach, how the Mountaineers got plastered on the field by Oklahoma (which ran the wishbone at the time) in a 52-10 loss.

"I remember playing Billy Sims and all of them," Saban said. "They have the chuck wagon with the horses, and every time they score a touchdown they go around. They (darn) near died that day. We didn't even slow them down. They had some pretty good guys running it, too."

Saban then mentioned how Georgia Tech's current offense is similar to the wishbone, and then spun it into pimping for Alabama's home game against FCS school Georgia Southern, whom the Tide will spank host on Nov. 19.

All in all, it was a blockbuster of a response, and one making Saban will be remembered for in years to come in Alabama lore as much as his 2009 BCS championship. You can listen to the call here. The fun starts at around the 25:40 mark.


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