Thursday, October 13, 2011

Nick Saban pimp-slaps both Steve Spurrier and the Alabama sports media all at once.

Alabama head football coach Nick Saban once again proved on Wednesday why he, not Steve Spurrier, is the best coach in modern SEC history. (Modern being 1992-onward.) In taking a question from the press on the lack of access to quarterback A.J. McCarron, he answered the question clearly and precisely, saying “My sense of it is the more you ask (to speak to McCarron) the worse your chances are gonna get. So ask next week and it might be another week."

Saban then pulled a left-handed pimp slap at both the media and the Old Ball Coach out of his back pocket.

"I’m not gonna pull a Steve Spurrier on you. The best thing to do is let the sleeping dog – lie.”

Here's the video evidence in all of its awesome glory.

Now this is how you treat pesky media types, Steve Spurrier.  Saban deserves another statue just for this.

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