Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Missouri inching ever so closer to becoming an SEC school.

It seems that the one thing worse than Texas A&M as an SEC member school - which would be Missouri as an SEC member school - is inching ever so closer to painful reality.

"The New York Times reported Monday that Missouri's decision to officially apply for membership in the SEC is "inevitable and imminent."

Missouri has already been allowed to explore conference options outside of the Big 12, and reports have surfaced of late that the school is very interested in the SEC.

An official familiar with school decisions involving conference affiliation told The Times that Missouri officials expect to get enough votes among SEC presidents to become a member of the conference, but the school still needs a formal invite from the league.

Interim Big 12 commissioner Chuck Neinas had said that he expected Missouri to stay in the league, while SEC commissioner Mike Slive has made it clear that the league isn't openly pursuing any other schools at the moment. Well, according to The Times' source, Missouri could join the SEC as soon as next year. "

The fact that the conference usually considered the best in the country is half-hardheartedly taking in Big 12 strays, while other conferences like the Big 12 get teams like Nebraska, is rather embarrassing. College football is slowly starting to look like It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. And sadly, while the other conferences get the goodies, the SEC is wearing the sheet with all the holes cut into it, and getting nothing but rocks. 

(via ESPN)

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