Saturday, October 29, 2011

Game Day Goulash: Keith Nichol, Aaron Murray, Andre Ellington, and more.

Frogs plague Cougars.
TCU beats BYU 38-28. (

Riley Nelson is "BYU's Own Tim Tebow?"
Well, somebody had to take the job after Jimmer Fredette left school. (The Deseret News)

Back on the Chain Gang. 
After a week of playing the hero of the Michigan State victory over Wisconsin,  receiver Keith Nichol gets ready to get back to work as the Spartans take on Nebraska. (The Chicago Tribune)

Ready to Take a Chance Again. 
Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray is ready for his second chance at the impossible task of leading Georgia to victory over Florida. (The Athens Banner-Herald)

 Those Were the Days.
 Mark Bradley looks back at the time when Georgia dominated Florida in the annual World's Largest (Censored by Dr. Micheal Adams), which hasn't happened since Ronald Reagan was in office. (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Will he or won't he?
Clemson wide receiver Andre Ellington is listed as "questionable" for the Tiger's game against Georgia Tech. (The Post and Courier)

Geometry means everything to football.
Because Clemson defensive coordinator Kevin Steele said so. (The Post and Courier)

Vampire Weekend.
Next weekend's LSU-Alabama showdown is "sucking (the) life out of of (the) rest of SEC." Because Paul Finebalm said so. Shut up, Paul. (

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