Sunday, October 16, 2011

Chip Kelly tells annoying fan to "SHUT UP!"

Ever have one of those days when you're trying to get through an interview with Erin Andrews, but some overprivlidged snot-nosed Oregon fan wanting his fifteen seconds of  fame is getting in the way? That what Oregon head football coach Chip Kelly had to deal with Saturday night after he led the Ducks to 41-27 victory over Arizona State. A lesser man might have tried to ignore the goober and let the officers of the law on hand to deal with him. However, Chip Kelly is not a lesser man, and he proved it to the world by showing who's the boss around Eugene, OR.

You will not mess with Chip Kelly in the presence of a woman. Especially if that  woman is Erin Andrews.

"Well, he likes to seem intellectual.
And to be a musician he goes to school.
And the way he acts is so uncool.
I just can't stand him.

You better tell that fan to shut up.

You better tell that fan I'm gonna beat him up.

You better tell that fan.
You better tell that fan.
You better tell that fan."

And you know Nike is just waiting for Phil Knight to give the order to start making "WILL YOU SHUT UP!" T-shirts. Methinks someone will try to beat the Swoosh to it though.

(Apologies to Transvision Vamp and/or Holly and the Italians)

(via Regie on Sports)

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