Thursday, October 6, 2011

Big 12 gets the gold mine (TCU), the SEC gets the shaft (Texas A&M).

The news out of the Big 12 is that the conference will reportedly be inviting TCU to replace Texas A&M, which is joining the SEC. Meanwhile, Missouri may or may not be heading to the SEC right behind the Aggies, but it's not quite clear if enough SEC members want another Tiger-nicknamed team in the conference. At least not Mizzou.

By adding TCU, the Big 12 is getting the school that the SEC should have been after. With all the talk about the market share that Texas A&M or Missouri would bring to the SEC, the truth is that neither program is one that has performed at the level TCU has in the past few years, going to two BCS bowls in a row and beating Wisconsin in the 2011 Rose Bowl.

TCU would have raised the level of competition in the SEC, as well as giving it a toehold in the Dallas market. Now, it will be able to thrive in the Big 12. Meanwhile, judging from last Saturday's defeat to Arkansas, Texas A&M will be lucky to get one quality win in the SEC per year.

The SEC missed out on adding one of the rising stars of the NCAA in TCU to a powerhouse of member schools. Instead, it gets Texas A&M, a school looking for more of a handout instead of a chance to prove it belongs among the NCAA elite.

(via ESPN, The Birmingham News)

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