Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The secret origin of Derek Dooley's orange pants.

Derek Dooley, fashion icon.
First they took Knoxville by storm, then the nation. Derek Dooley's now-infamous orange pants have become an ever bigger fashion statement than even His Hairness' Tilley Airflow hat did. But what's the story behind the the most famous trousers in Tennessee? Now it can be told

"The folks behind the pants at John H. Daniel put a lot of work into making sure the pants turned out just right. The tailors looked around until they found two yards of woven wool in England and dyed it three times to get the exact color of UT orange.

"We took it in his closet and we matched it to the rest of his game gear, and I said, 'Are you sure this is... spot on?" So we ran with it. Like I said, we're waiting for the mill to open back up so we can dye some more cloth, so if he needs more, we'll be able to produce them for him," said Joe Taylor of John H. Daniel Clothing."

Sadly for the Vols Nation, John H. Daniel is not putting the pants in mass production. Which is bad because orange pants apparently are nowhere to be found in Knoxville, despite considerable interest in them. (And how in the heck that happens in Tennessee I'll never know.) At least for now.

(via WBIR)

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