Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Who will benifit from Miami's downfall?

It's not "if" or "when" Miami will get banhammered for the alleged multiple violations of NCAA rules reported by Yahoo! Sports' Charles Robinson, it's going to be how bad the program gets banhammered. The other major question coming out of the scandal is who will reap the benefits of the downfall of "The U."

Ingram Smith of believes that the smaller schools in Florida, South Florida and Central Florida, will be the ones to take the opportunities coming out of the Miami chaos.

"For a couple of years now I have heard the term “Big Two – Middle Three.” With the previously mentioned Florida State and University of Florida being the big two and Miami, UCF, and USF constituting the middle three. Yesterday’s report by Robinson essentially insures this happens. Florida State and Florida will continue, as they have in the past three or four years to recruit at an elite level. The real winners in this will likely be the programs located in Orlando and Tampa."

Perhaps, but then again, the recruits who may have gone to Miami will probably look to the bigger BCS programs before looking at USF or UCF. Florida and FSU are the most likely destinations for the blue chippers, with schools outside the Sunshine State right behind them. USF and UCF will get what's left over, it there is anything left over. As usual.

(via, Yahoo! Sports)

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