Monday, August 15, 2011

Someone drags the Civil War into the whole Expansion Silliness mess where it doesn't belong.

Maybe it was inevitable that with Expansion Silliness running amok once again due to Aggiegeddon, someone would exploit the cultural divide that splits North and South way more than it should 150 years after the War Between the States. But dangit, the ones doing the exploiting kind of caught me off-guard. Off Tackle Empire features an article titled "Conference Realignment: I don't want any slaver schools in the B1G." (The "B1G" being a mocking term for the Big Ten and its ridiculous new logo.) This in regards to the possibility of former Big 12 schools joining that other "Big" conference with a history of having problems with math.

"The south remains fundamentally and culturally different than the north. Why, one hundred and forty six years after we put down the insurrection at great cost in lives and treasure, when the south still maintains a legacy of hatred towards us and covert segregation, should we reward any institution from these former bastions of evil with inclusion into the greatest amalgamation of intelligence and athletic prowess in the land? Why should we share our vast resources and wealth with those who most assuredly despise us?"

Hey! What's with dragging the Civil War into the already murky conference expansion landscape, Yankee? That's the South's job, dangit! It's the part of the country that's supposed to be still fighting the bloodiest conflict in American history a century-and-a-half after it ended. Not some Big Ten blogger.

(via is Off Tackle Empire)

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