Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New Cy-Hawk Trophy gets deep-sixed.

Well, that didn't last long. After a massive outcry, the newly- unveiled version of the Cy-Hawk Trophy is getting the heave-ho. Iowa Corn, the trophy's new sponsor, had recently unveiled a new trophy, given to the winner of the annual game between Iowa and Iowa State. Fans of both teams protested the new trophy, due in part to it's having nothing to do with football, and more to do with corn.

Well, Iowa Corn has heard the protests of the masses, and has now acted.

"The new Cy-Hawk Trophy is being dumped, Iowa Corn officials announced Tuesday. They will open a process for fans to pick its replacement."

It's probably a smart move to replace the trophy. It's an even smarter move to have fans vote on a new design. Hopefully, Iowa Corn can figure out a way to cut down on trolls trying to vote the ugliest potential selection into the victory circle.

(via Quad City Times)

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