Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Michigan's Brady Hoke wants to hear his player's hit each other in practice.

How does first-year Michigan head football coach Brady Hoke know when his players are doing their hardest during practices? Apparently when he can hear the clashing of shoulder pads on shoulder pads.

Martin: "(Hoke) gets upset when he doesn't hear pads smacking against each other or loud hits. He'll judge how well practice went off what he hears. He says he can shut his eyes and know if practice went well or not."
Hoke said that the sound of tough practice goes right along with restoring a winner at U-M.

"If you're practicing the way we want to practice, you don't have to watch it," Hoke said. "You ought to hear it on every snap. We've got to develop a team and develop a competiveness. That all goes along with the toughness, demeanor and attitude we want to play with."

So if you're a Wolverine and want to impress your coach, you want to hit your teammate as hard as you can in practice. It begs the question of how Hoke feels about the sound hearing his player's bones breaking or when they get a  concussion.

(The Detroit Free Press)

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