Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mark Richt thinks he's either Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Ralph Kramden.

Richt apparently thinks he's Greg Louganis, as well.
The pressure of being America's favorite "Coach on the Hot Seat" may have finally gotten to Georgia head football coach Mark Richt. He's started to believe he's either Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Ralph Kramden. When he's not fighting off "energy vampires," he's trying to be the bus driver of the "energy bus."

Both are apparently a reference to a book called The Energy Bus, by Jon Gordon. The book talks about maintaining positive energy and to avoid being an "energy vampire," which sucks positive energy away by being a negative person.  Richt handed the book out to his players during the summer. In fighting "energy vampires," Richt's recruited the team to be his unofficial "Scooby Gang."

“The energy vampires are anybody who complains and sucks positive energy out of the team,” junior offensive lineman Chris Burnette said. “An energy vampire could be somebody who doesn’t make it to meals, somebody who fails a running test, talks bad and stuff like that.”

Once on the list, your photo is edited to make you look like a vampire and posted on TV screens in the locker room for 24 hours.

“They’ll take peoples’ embarrassing Facebook pictures … then add on extra stuff,” Burnette said. “It’s actually something that lightens up the mood a little bit. You’ll have pictures of guys with red eyes and fangs and stuff like that. It’s pretty funny to see different guys pictures.”

Richt has also made "Get on the Bus"on the team's slogan this season. And make no mistake, Richt plans to send energy vampires "to the moon." If his Scooby Gang doesn't get to them first.

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