Friday, August 12, 2011

Expansion Silliness: Virginia Tech WILL NOT join the SEC. Because Virginia Tech says so.

This just in: Virginia Tech is shooting a preemptive strike over the bow of any internet rumors of it joining Texas A&M as a member of the SEC. Because the Hokies' athletic director, Jim Weaver says so. And he told it to David Teel of the Newport News, Va. Daily Press.

“We always wanted to be in the ACC,” Weaver told me as he and his family lunched at a McDonald’s en route to his son’s weekend baseball tournament in North Carolina. “Now we’re there. Why would we want to go somewhere else when we finally have what we want?”

I suggested to Weaver that with the SEC again making eyes for Texas A&M, many would consider millions in additional television revenue a perfect reason to become the SEC’s 14th.

“I don’t think that’s what it’s all about,” he said. “It’s about the right fit.”

Fans/cynics can scoff all they want. They can believe Weaver’s being coy or na├»ve.

But I assure you that sentiment is genuine and applies to the administration in Burruss Hall, including president Charles Steger. Relationships, especially those on the academic side, with conference colleagues are paramount."

There is really no need for Virginia Tech to leave the ACC. With exceptions for a resurgent FSU, the Hokies are the big dog in the conference right now. Why endanger that by joining the SEC, where it would have to face Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee every year? Plus, it's SEC West rival would most certainly be Texas A&M, and only the two schools respective Corps of Cadets could really get into that kind of fabricated rivalry. 

(via The Daily Press)

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