Friday, August 12, 2011

Expansion silliness: "FSU to the SEC" is the new "Texas A&M to the SEC."

Aggiegeddon is crawling closer to going from an internet meme to the most hideous of nightmare realities - Texas A&M in the SEC. Now, the concept of an uneven number of teams (13) in the conference, it seems the internet seeks another team to torture college football fans with it's expansion silliness. The team of choice seems to be FSU. At least to The Palm Beach Post's Tom D'Angelo.

"Florida State officials have been flirting with the SEC for several months and the discussion now are getting more serious, according to sources.

Rumors have been spreading that the SEC is poised to expand, first to 14 teams and then to 16, and the Seminoles and Texas A&M of the Big 12 could be the first two to jump.

“This is real,” said a source close to FSU."

As usual, the voices in your head don't count as reliable sources. Especially when the president of FSU, Eric Barron says it's a load of poppycock.

"Florida State University President Eric Barron says he's heard the rumors that the Seminoles are moving to the Southeastern Conference and says that's all they are at the moment — rumors.

But he also didn't say it would never happen."

Which brings the other  another maxim around here - there's a possibility, but no chance. FSU is more the ACC's Texas than it is the conference's Texas A&M. And it brings nothing to the conference that Florida already doesn't (that being the Florida market).

(via Palm Beach Post, WRAL. HT: CBS Sports, Tomahawk Nation)

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