Sunday, August 14, 2011

Expansion silliness: Are SEC Presidents meeting Sunday about Aggiegeddon or not?

Are they or aren't they? With the idea of Texas A&M as a member of the SEC  comes conflicting reports on whether or not the presidents of the SEC member schools will be meeting on Sunday to discuss the matter.

"There is now conflicting reports as to whether or not an actual meeting will take place on Sunday by the SEC Presidents to discuss an invitation for Texas A&M to join the conference. Previously the New York Times ran a story reporting that there would be a meeting on Sunday citing a source "with first-hand knowledge".

Now the Sporting News has released a conflicting report that also cites an "high-ranking official from the SEC" saying that there is no meeting on Sunday."

It is obvious what has happened. The idea of Aggiegeddon  being on the precipice of becoming a Freudian nightmare clothed in the hideous flesh of reality has transformed the  SEC into a dark and twisted version of Schrodinger's football conference. Either the presidents of the SEC are meeting on Sunday, or they're not. It's this breakdown of the laws of nature that hold the fabric of the universe together that gives the reason why Texas A&M should never be allowed into the SEC. The next thing you know...well, you know, the usual. "Mass hysteria. Dogs and cats living together." Blah, blah, blah.  (Or is that Dawgs and Gators? I think that may be the 4.5th sign of the Apocalypse.)

(via SB Nation Atlanta)

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