Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Expansion Silliness: Another day, another Texas A&M to the SEC rumor.

The Texas A&M defecting to the SEC meme just won't stop. The latest unfounded story has it happening in 2012, and says what the rest of the non-Texas Big XII will do.

"As you may imagine, the Ags are worried about possible political backlash so they have been trying to keep this quiet. With the recent rumors that Tech has been talking to the Pac 12 about moving West (and likely taking OU and OSU with them) we may not have to deal as many issues with the legislature as some had thought. Right now I would guess that Missouri would try to go to the Big 10 again. Kansas and KSU will make a move for the Big East. Baylor will do everything they can to go to the Pac 12 with everyone else."

And of course this brings up what team would be brought into the SEC to even out the league. Bandit Ref pretty much mentions all the usual suspects (Oklahoma, Clemson, FSU, etc), as well as TCU the school from Texas that the SEC should be asking to join, not Texas A&M. The SEC should be American Idol and bring in an up-and-coming program. And not be Celebrity Rehab for a program that despite last year's success, has been on the downward spiral for years.  

(via I Am the 12th Man, Bandit Ref)

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