Friday, August 12, 2011

Expansion silliness: Aggiepocalypse to begin on August 22?

Forget the Mayan Calendar and all of that 2012 junk. The End of the World As We Know It could happen on August 22, 2011. That's when (if the rumors are true) Texas A&M's board of regents will meet to discuss the defection from the Big XII to the SEC.

"Two sources said the SEC presidents are being gathered Saturday in an emergency meeting to address the possible addition of Texas A&M.

The sources said the Aggies' nine-member regents board is leaning toward leaving the Big 12 and are being fueled by a lack of confidence in the current configuration of the league - i.e. the relationship between Texas and ESPN (the Longhorn Network) and how it could negatively impact the rest of the members."

The Aggiepocalypse is upon us. Hide your kids. Hide Your Wife.


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