Thursday, August 11, 2011

Derek Dooley brushes up his Shakespeare (kind of).

His Hairness in 2010.
His Hairness is at it again Tennessee head football coach Derek Dooley has come up with another hamdinger of a quote. In speaking to his team about a not-so-stellar first scrimmage of fall practice, Dooley recited the old English proverb "For Want of a nail," reputably a reference to the death in battle of King Richard III.  (The one Shakespeare wrote about.)

"For want of a horseshoe nail: one little horseshoe nail can bring down a whole kingdom," Dooley said this morning. "That's what it did back in the 1400s. Just like stepping with your right foot six inches could cause a guy to get on the edge, which causes the quarterback to get a little flustered, the exchange goes bad, fumble, turnover, touchdown.

"Every little detail of your technique and assignment can impact the game. We've got a long way to go."

His Hairness also compared the team's attempt at "trying to read old English and me trying to understand what they're saying, it's about the same."

UPDATE: Here's video of the whole thing.

(via Knoxville News SentinelDaily Journal)


irishholtz_1 said...

Last year, he taught the team how to take a shower properly. This year, Shakespeare. I can hardly wait until next year. They will all be neurosurgeons.

Titans Charly said...

I love our Dooley. You should hear his Mama in an interview!! Titans Charly/Vols Forever