Monday, August 29, 2011

Derek Dooley bans mother from Paul Finebaum radio program.

Barbara Dooley with husband Vince.
Tennessee head football coach may have finally found a solution to one of his bigger "problems." He's found a way to silence his ever vocal mother, Barbara Dooley. His Hairness has reportedly banned his mom from appearing weekly on the Paul Finebaum radio program. His reasoning? It hurts recruiting for the Vols.

"Reached by OKTC today, Barbara Dooley confirmed that she'd been yanked off the airwaves. Aghast at the injustice, I told her that anyone who wasn't coming to Tennessee because of her radio appearances was a recruit the Vols didn't need. Barbara laughed anew. She'd previously been banned from regular appearances on airwaves in the state of Tennessee, which meant we could only schedule her occasionally. Yet every time she appeared with us, she was appointment radio."

Obviously an injustice like this can't stand. The #FreeBarbaraDooley movement on Twitter begins now!

(via Outkick the Coverage)


Anonymous said...

who cares?

Anonymous said...

Not like Tennessee Recruiting could get any worse!!!!!

Anonymous said...

with out phillip who wants to play for the vols? they need him back.he was tennessee football!

Anonymous said...

You read it, you must care.

Anonymous said...

As for phillip that is why we are not as good any more he just got fat and LAZY>>