Thursday, August 11, 2011

Crossing the Atlantic: Davin Meggett, expansion silliness, Clemson, and more.

(Crossing the Atlantic is a look at the ACC and other schools on the East Coast.)    

Expansion silliness.
Now Virginia Tech is being dragged into the "Texas A&M to the SEC" meme. (Gobbler Country)

Virginia Tech and FSU will make the BCS in 2011.
Because Chadd Scott says so. (

Who's in charge here?
Maryland tailback Davin Meggett goes around acting like the Terrapins are his team, and not first-year head football coach Randy Edsall's. (The Baltimore Sun)

Breaking the Law. 
Georgia Tech suspends offensive tackle Phil Smith for the first two games of the season violating unspecified team rules. (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can't We?
Clemson gets approval from the South Carolina Budget and Control Board to build a new indoor practice facility. Shakin the Southland asks why this hasn't happened sooner when the school has had the funds to do it in the IPTAY fund. (Shakin the Southland)

Know your Virginia quarterbacks.
Looking at the Virginia QB race between  Ross Metheny, Michael Rocco, Michael Strauss, and David Watford. (Streaking the Lawn)

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