Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Auburn has a new nickname: Puppyville.

Puppyville's Big Dog T'Sharvan Bell.
It's time to add another name to the ongoing identity crisis that is Auburn University. East Alabama Male College, Alabama Polytechnic Institute, Plainsmen, Tigers, War Eagles...Auburn has had almost as many  names and nicknames as Dream of the Endless. Now you can add another one to the list - "Puppyville." Or at least that's what you can call Auburn's group of mostly inexperienced underclassmen in its secondary, as coined by junior cornerback T'Sharvan Bell.

"I’m a puppy too. This is the first time that I’m going to be a full-time starter," Bell said.d "So I try to tell the guys that just because I played last year, it gives me a little bit of an advantage, but I’m a first-time starter this year just like them, so when I look at you and you look at me, you’ve got to know that we’re in the same boat.

"I know you got my back and I want you to know that I’ve got yours. That’s what I try to tell the guys."

While "Puppyville" might be a more appropriate term for either a)That school to the west in Starkville, Miss. Or b) That school to the east in Athens, Ga. It does provide a good description for a team that coming off a BCS championship  season, seems to be back at squart one when it comes to putting together a squad that can truly compete for another.

(via oanow.com)

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