Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Andrew Luck is officially clean-cut once more.

August 1, 2011 will be a red letter day for college football followers, but for wildly differing reasons. This is the day Stanford quarterback and college football all-around golden boy Andrew Luck appeared in public for the first time without the scraggly beard he had been growing since earlier in the year. Not only that, the longish hair on his head was gone too. Shorn into away into history and replaced with a fresh summer buzzcut.

Here's the visual proof of the newly clean-cut and crewcut Luck.

If you're the college football fan who goes for the kind of "brah" quarterback embodied in South Carolina's Stephen Garcia (the ultimate "brah" college QB), then Monday was a day of mourning (except for the fact that Garcia was reinstated yesterday). If however, you're for quarterbacks who want your team led by someone who looks like he's serious about success, then you're probably breathing a sigh a relief. Andrew Luck once again looks like the kind of young man you would want your daughter to marry. Especially if he's expected to be at the least a first round draft pick in the NFL, if not the first overall pick.

(via SB Nation Bay Area)

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