Tuesday, July 12, 2011

UT-Arlington may join the WAC, whether other WAC schools like it or not.

The University of Texas at Arlington, which doesn't have a football program, may become the newest member of the WAC. At least one WAC member's athletic director, Bruce Dan De Velde of Louisiana Tech, isn't too happy with the possible arrangement.

"We weren't as enthusiastic (about it) as some of the other schools," Louisiana Tech athletic director Bruce Van De Velde said. "We felt they should have added a football-playing school and we encouraged them to do so. We feel they should be looking to add a team in the Central time zone if Louisiana Tech is to remain in the WAC.

"The face of the WAC is changing with three teams now in the CST. And we think football should be the priority in adding schools."

Obviously, WAC member schools would rather have schools with football teams in the conference. Especially since the Mountain West Conference has raided it within an inch of its life, taking crown jewel Boise State, this season, and Fresno State, Nevada, and Hawaii in 2012. It probably wouldn't take much for Louisiana Tech to look for greener pastures. Especially if a conference looking to become a BCS school with an automatic bid (i.e.: The MWC), or looking to preserve its BCS Conference standings (i.e.: The Big East) comes a calling.

(via Dr. Saturday)

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