Friday, July 1, 2011

Sarah McLachlan asks you to be kind to Georgia Tech.

 It's a hard life for Georgia Tech and it's fans. Every year it seems the Yellow Jackets find some new way to be the biggest underachievers in the state of Georgia. And as the team shares a state with the Georgia Bulldogs, that's saying a lot.

So in response to this, Sarah McLachlan (or a very good facsimile of) has taken time out from those ASPCA ads* that strangle viewers with their own heartstrings to ask people to be kind to the Rambling Wreck and its fans.

*Seriously, those things are tough to watch. They're like every Joy Division song rolled into one. But even so, they are for a good cause. Do what you can to help the ASPCA out. 

(Thanks to Adam Wynn for finding this.) 

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