Friday, July 29, 2011

Nick Saban wants kids to grow up to be like Freddie Kruger.

"One, Two, Saban's coming for you..."

Alabama head football coach Nick Saban has a way with words. And he used a lot of them when speaking to 8-14 year old boys at Alabama's 2011 football camp. Among other things, he spoke to the campers on being relentless, and used A Nightmare on Elm Street villain Freddie Kruger as an example of relentlessness.

"What makes Freddy Krueger such a horrible character? What makes him scare you to death? You can't get rid of the guy. He never goes away. You can't kill him. You think he's dead, and his hand comes through the wall and chokes you to death again. That's because the guy's relentless. That's what relentless is."
Here's the visual proof of Saban's little talk to the future leaders of America:
Uh, Coach,  Freddie Kruger might not be the character you would want young boys to use as a role model. In case you've forgotten, Freddie was a child killer in life, and went on to kill teenagers in their dreams in the afterlife. In other words, Freddie's not quite the person you want the youth of America to grow up to be like. 
Maybe you should find another role model to give to to your happy campers. Like maybe Former Navy Seal and Afghanistan veteran Marcus Luttrell maybe Or Navy Seal Team Six relentlessly took out the enemy of out people, Osama Bin Laden. Or Medal of Honor winner Corporal Dakota Meyer (USMC). Just not a fictional child killer, okay?

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