Friday, July 29, 2011

Nebraska-Iowa game to be called the "Heroes Game." Seriously?

Nebraska is known for corn. Iowa is known for corn. Combine the two, throw in some pigskin, and you get the corniest name for a college football game possible. In the spirit of the Big Ten's "Leaders" and "Legends" division monikers, Nebraska athletic director Tom Osborne joined his Iowa counterpart Gary Barta  to announce that the new Cornhuskers-Hawkeyes annual rivalry will be called the "Heroes Game."

"The schools are taking this "Heroes" tag seriously. They plan to recognize one Iowa citizen and one Nebraskan for an extraordinary act prior to each year's game. Friends, neighbors or co-workers can nominate people for the heroes distinction, and those chosen will be honored on the field during the game and will have their name and hometown etched on the Heroes Game trophy. The schools also plan to use proceeds from the game to benefit the Iowa and Nebraska chapters of the American Red Cross."  

Not to belittle the fact, but seriously? Is "Heroes Game" the best they could come up with? This is what happens when you let faceless media guys and university officials come up with a name, instead of letting things happen organically. Do you think school officials at Florida or UGA came up with "The World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party?" (Bite me, Dr. Adams!) Or "The Iron Bowl?" No, those sort of happened over time.

Seriously, the fans can come up with something better, and they will. Personally, I prefer to call it "Black and Blue Friday."

(via ESPN)


Anonymous said...

I think it is just as STUPID and Juvenal as the NAMES for the two sides of the stinking conf. The B10 PROVED they couldn't count after Penn. St was added and now they show they cannot play the game that we use to play cause we LOVED The Game, and cannot play the game without some STUPID name or trinket. At least the games with OU spoke to the pride of the schools playing programs, This makes a mockery of not only the game but the programs. The B10 needs to grow up. Every school should be offended by Leaders (implying that your school is not a leader but instead subservient if your not on that side of the conf. and that the school and programs are no good if you are not in the Leaders side of the conf., What a FREAKING JOKE!!!!!) and on the other side that your program and school have DONE NOTHING in the past and are piss poor. Again what a FREAKING CHILDISH JOKE!

Heck at least if you are going to sell your schools history and program East Meets West or North Vs South have some pazazz and make more sense and evoke more emotion than Leaders vs Legends. And WHEN Alabama come up and KICKS Penn. States rear end this year and someone elses in the B10 in a NC game then WHAT KIND OF LEADER OR LEGEND are any of the schools. The Wis. Badgers, or Penn. St or Ohio St. Leaders of the Toilet bowl and Nebraska Legend of the Toilet Bowl. At least the Nebraska one sounds like a stupid novel or some kind and the other side of the conf. is a slam to every school and team in the conf as a whole WHEN EVER THEY LOSE weather to schools in or out of the conf. but esp when its out of the conf. I would rather play in the freaking NAIA where they have a BRAIN and have traditional names than baby crap that makes every team a loser in some way just by being in the B10 in some way.

Anonymous said...

juvenile. =( I guess you didn't even go to a state school. This is why football is bad for America.

Anonymous said...

I can think of some men that happend to lose there lives for our country a couple of weeks back. That would make great heroes for the first trophy. But it would be great if all of there names went on the first trophy given out to which ever team won.

Go Huskers !!!
Go Hawkeyes !!!

Anonymous said...

personal vote as a fan= FARMAGEDDON. This is to be a great rivalry game I am sure.

Anonymous said...

People forget that College Football has two parts to it. First is the one every knows and has a love/hate relationship with and that is the Athletic side. The other side that only few see and is the more important part is the Academic side. Fans don't realize that there is more than just a Saturday (or Friday in this case) in a collegiate athletes life. B1G is one of the best Academic conference in the nation. Athletic Directors an Chancellors alike know this and that's why they created the divisions as they did. "Building Leaders, Honoring Legends." The titles do NOT imply anything about the schools associated with them. The conference also involves somewhere along the line of more than 500,000 students who don't take the field on game day but are just as important as those making the plays. There's more to college than just Football and that's what the B1G is attempting to show. Nebraska left the childish B12 (who can't count either) to come to a more prestigious B1G who, academically, are strong than most conferences out there. The "Heroes Game" title was bestowed to the Neb/Iowa game to create hype because these two schools are so close in distance and size. Bullheaded fans just want to see people hit each other. True fans find honor in their teams even in the loses. Practice what you preach. The title means nothing. The action proves everything.

Anonymous said...

FARMAGEDDON - that's great! Gets my NU vote.