Friday, July 1, 2011

Duck Soup? Oregon may be in hot water after Lyles interview.

Things in Eugene OR, might be getting a little hot and heavy right now. Scouting service owner Will Lyles is accusing Oregon head football coach Chip Kelly of involvement with a $25,000 scouting fee that is in the center of an ongoing NCAA investigation in an interview with Yahoo! Sports.

"In a wide-ranging, multi-day interview, Lyles said Kelly “scrambled” in late February and asked Lyles to submit retroactive player profiles to justify the $25,000 payment to his company, just days before the transaction was revealed in a March 3 Yahoo! Sports report. Lyles also provided details of his fledgling company – Complete Scouting Services (CSS) – as well as the extent of his relationship with numerous Texas high school stars and his role in Ducks’ recruitment of certain prospects.
Lyles insists Oregon did not make a direct request or payment to steer recruits to Eugene. However, he now says Oregon did not pay him for his work as a traditional scout, but for his influence with top recruits and their families and his ability to usher prospects through the signing and eligibility process. That dual role as mentor to prospects and paid contractor to Oregon is believed to be a focus of the NCAA probe."

It doesn't sound like Oregon will be trying to claim any possible 2010 BCS title should Auburn be forced to vacate it. 

(via Yahoo! Sports)

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