Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bo Pelini is an Urban Dictionary entry.

Pelini going Pelini.
Score one for  Bo Pelini in the dubious achievement category. The fiery-tempered  Nebraska head football coach has become a form or rage worthy enough for an Urban Dictionary entry. .)

1. Pelini - A violent rage that cannot be controlled, often expressed in Tourette's-like cursing accompanied with demonic facial contortions. An angry sense of entitlement that will cause you to treat anyone around you with contempt and physical brutality, including game officials, innocent cameramen or possibly your own team.
Yo--I said I wanted those eggs over medium, I'm about to go Pelini up in here!!!! @#$%$$%!!!!!!

And no, that's not "Urban Dictionary" as in "Urban Meyer," if you didn't know already.  (If you didn't, welcome to the future!) though the entry for his is quite interesting in its own right.

(via CBS Sports)

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