Sunday, June 19, 2011

Your Ricky Stanzi "America, Love It Or Leave It!" Moment of the Day: Michigan St.-UNC game may be played on ship that buried Bin Laden at sea.

USS Carl Vinson
The upcoming Veterans Day college basketball game between Michigan State and North Carolina was already going to be special, as it will be played on a US Navy aircraft carrier. But now word comes that it might any aircraft carrier. The game will in all probability be played on the USS Carl Vinson, which was the aircraft carrier upon which Osama Bin Laden's bullet-laden corpse was buried at sea.

“Now that the Carl Vinson is back safe and sound, and America is now well-aware of the important mission that was tasked to the Carl Vinson, we find it to be a source of pride that this ship will make history twice in 2011,” (Morale Entertainment Foundation spokesman Mike)Whalen said."

There's still a chance the game might be played on the USS Ronald Reagan, but it's looking more and more like a remote chance.

(via the Detroit Free Press

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