Tuesday, June 7, 2011

West Virginia chaos leads back to memories of RichRod.

Times of trial and tribulation can oftentimes lead to wasted time spent thinking wistfully on what were perceived to be better days. This is probably what's happening with West Virginia fans at the moment, where accusations that current head football coach Bill Stewart asked a Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reporter to "dig up 'dirt'" on Dana Holgorsen,  newly hired by the school to be offensive coordinator, as well as "coach in waiting." It certainly leads to talk about the past online by bloggers who may or may not have a horse in the race. And naturally, the talk leads back to former head coach Rich Rodriguez.

Some look back and wonder what would have happened if the Mountaneers hadn't lost to Pitt in 2007, denying the school's chance to play for the BCS title. The question arises if then West Virginia head coach Rodriguez would have left the school to take the head coaching job at Michigan. Which led to Bill Stewart named interim head coach. Which led to West Virginia upsetting Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl. Which led to Stewart getting the full time job.

Then of course, the road leads to the next obvious place - bringing Rich Rodriguez back. Now there's an obvious place to go. And of course its suggested as in both a serious manner, and as parody. Things at West Virgina are a media circus now, imagine the media frenzy if both Stewart and Holgorsen were let go and RichRod was brought back. Imagine the fan frenzy as well. Couch burning, anyone?

Wanting Rich Rodriguez to return to West Virginia is both the inevitable and most cynical response to a controversy that could hamper the future of Mountaineer football. Whether it's the wisest reaction is another story.

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